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SunFlare has been supported by many clients in a wide variety of industries and businesses since its foundation in 1971. We are proud of the number of clients that we have and the volume of transactions that we handle. SunFlare provides comprehensive documentation services to ensure that it remains an irreplaceable intellectual partner for its clients.

Results for FY2021

Number of transactions in the year: 30,277 cases

Number of clients in the year: 1,366 companies 
Average customer evaluation: 4.6 out of 5 points

Number of transactions in each field

Intellectual property

14,068 cases
Documents handled

Particulars of applications (patent and utility model rights), drawings, intermediate process documents (notifications of the reason for refusal, written opinions, written amendments, written response instructions, references, etc.), priority certificates, test reports, written requests for correction, etc.

Trial for patent invalidation and litigation

Written objections, written answers, counter statements, written requests for trials, written amendments, written opinions, oral proceedings, written decisions, written expert opinions, written complaints, preparatory documents, written answers, written requests for correction, written summaries of statements, records of oral proceedings, discovery-related documents, evidential documents, judgments, various petitions, etc.


Joint application agreements, patent licensing agreements, patent transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, and various other agreements.


Invention proposals, patent gazettes, abstracts, file wrappers, employee invention rules, educational materials related to intellectual properties, presentation materials related to intellectual properties (intellectual property strategy guidelines, etc.), intellectual property operations manuals and guidelines, documents related to design/trademark rights, patent search requests, patent search reports, various technical documents, etc.

Communication and information service

3,474 cases
Documents handled

UI (software, systems, web service, and applications), help, FAQ, various manuals, release note / ReadMe, tutorial, guidelines, SDK, e-learning content, training materials, bug reports, specifications, design documents, requirement definition, RFP, written proposals, SOP, license agreements, EURA, support agreements, in-game text, and customer support, etc.

Public service

2,956 cases
Documents handled

Education and training documents on international cooperation projects, survey reports (health and medical services; roads, railways, ports, and airports; agricultural development; information communication technologies; education; resources and energy: solar, wind, hydroelectric power, biomass, geothermal energy and other methods of power generation; fisheries; water and sewerage; urban development; environmental management; etc.), activity reports, ex-post evaluation reports, tender documents (agreements: FIDIC/JCT/AIA etc.; specifications; and drawings), tender application documents (technical proposals, sales proposals, registers, financial statements, driver certificates, etc.), various technical documents for the plant construction and infrastructure industries (standards, standard specifications, design standards, procedure manuals, instruction manuals, drawings, and certificates of analyses), HSE (health, safety, and environment) manuals, due diligence reports (legal, financial, and technical), etc.


2,694 cases
Documents handled

Press releases (news releases), leaflets, brochures, catalogs, presentation materials (for commercial negotiations, lectures, or education), SNS, video and audio content, naming research, copyright translations, questionnaire surveys, website content, media articles, etc.

Life science

2,576 cases
Documents handled

Test plans, test reports, GMP-related documents, SOP, manufacturing records, design documents, functional specifications, DMF, etc.


Test plans, test reports, SOP, papers and literature, etc.

Clinical development

Clinical trial notifications, investigator's brochures, protocols, informed consent forms, clinical trial-related SOP and manuals, monitoring reports, case reports, SAE reports, comprehensive clinical trial reports and exhibits thereof, SAE lists, incompatible drug lists, papers to be submitted, documents related to control drug negotiations, statistical analysis plans, DSUR, etc.

Pharmaceutical application

CTD M1–M5, case narratives, face-to-face advising documents (clinical trial consultations and minutes, etc.), inquiries and answers, GCP compliance checklists, notifications of the results for drug GCP field investigations, examination reports, etc.


CIOMS, literature and scientific society reports, PSUR, PBRER, RMP, CCDS, SOP, guidance on proper use, etc.

Post-marketing surveillance

Documents related to post-marketing surveillance, documents related to treatment outcome research, post-marketing clinical trials, applications for re-examination, applications for re-evaluation, etc.


Papers to be submitted, abstracts for papers, documents to be published by scientific societies, package inserts, interview forms, outlines of product information, drug information sheets, drug guidelines for patients, etc.

Financial and legal affairs

1,804 cases
Documents handled
Investment report

Market reports, investment reports (macros, bonds, exchange, and shares), investment trust management reports, etc.

Corporate and IR information

Notice of convocation of the general meeting of shareholders, documents related to the general meeting of shareholders, minutes of a meeting of the board of officers, brief reports on the settlement of accounts, financial statements, prospectus, business reports, securities reports, financial results briefing materials, annual reports, company brochure, CSR reports, sustainability reports, and ESG reports, etc.


RFP, stewardship activity reports, investment product explanation, insurance product brochure, presentation materials, sale and marketing materials, asset management proposals, various financial transaction agreements, press release, articles to be posted on a website, newsletters for clients, seminar materials, audit reports, internal audit, training materials (compliance and personal information management, etc.), REIT-related documents, accounting standards, insurance conditions, papers, IT system-related documents, and internal rules, etc.

Transaction and agreement

Confidentiality agreements, overseas agency or licensing agreements, overseas investment or loan agreements, etc.

Response to a dispute

Negotiation documents, judicial documents and evidence, arbitration documents and evidence, etc.


Management principles, codes of ethics, compliance manuals, employee education and training documents, etc.

Legal affairs of an organization

Articles of incorporation and various internal rules, certificates of registered company matters, documents for general meetings of shareholders or meetings of the board of directors, etc.

Overseas M&A

Due diligence documents (written questions, reports, etc.), various agreements (share transfer agreements, merger agreements, etc.), documents to be submitted to government organizations of the relevant country, etc.

Manufacturing industry

1,474 cases
Documents handled

Standards (ISO, IEC, UL, EN, DIN and others), etc.

Research and development

Technical reports, papers, patent specifications, scientific magazines, research materials, etc.

Design and manufacture

User manuals, screen UIs, specifications, drawings, standard operation manuals, inspection procedures, inspection records, etc.


Catalogs, press releases, articles, presentation materials, package inserts, SDS, service manuals, investigation reports (defect reports, improvement requests, quality improvement reports, etc.), agreements, etc.

Medical devices

389 cases
Documents handled

Application forms, STED, package inserts, technical documents, risk management documents, inquiries, outlines of clinical trial equipment, comprehensive clinical trial reports, protocols, defect reports, documents related to post-mark.eting surveillance, quality manuals, SOP, papers, user manuals, audit documents, presentation materials, websites, sales promotion materials, regulations and standards, notices, guidance, education and training materials, etc.

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