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1971 Aug. Founded the International Translation Institute of Technology, Science, and Culture (INTESC)
1974 Dec. Established INTESC Co., Ltd.
1975 Apr. Established the Science and Technology Translator Qualifying Examination System (the predecessor of SunFlare's Translator Qualifying Examinations [TQE])
1981 Aug. Established Honyaku Jitsumu Kyouiku Gakuin (the predecessor of SunFlare Academy)
Established ANDROMETEC
1990 Sep. Established ANDROMETEC Co., Ltd. as a limited company
1997 Apr. Established the Hachinohe Institute
July Changed our corporate name to SunFlare Co., Ltd.
2004 May Renamed the Hachinohe Institute as the North Japan Branch
2006 May Established the West Japan Branch
2008 Mar. Acquired ISO 9001 certification (Head Office)
2009 June Acquired the Document CRO trademark (trademark No. 5309885)
2010 Sep. Forged a strategic partnership with the China Pharmaceutical Technology Transfer Center
2011 Apr. Acquired the Docubench trademark (trademark No. 5409304)
May Acquired the Document Soken trademark (trademark No. 5410787)
Entered into a cooperative agreement with the China Technology Exchange
Sep. Forged a strategic partnership with Hong Kong-based Venturepharm Laboratories Limited
2013 Dec. Acquired ISO 27001 certification (Head Office)
2014 Aug. Acquired the 'Pro翻訳' (Pro-translation) trademark (trademark No. 5689778)
Dec. Acquired Privacy Mark certification
2016 Mar. Acquired ISO 17100 certification (Head Office)
2017 Mar. Forged a strategic partnership with Dalian University of Technology's School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Jun. Acquired Type II Marketing Authorization Holder License for Medical Devices
About SunFlare


Business Hours: Monday to Friday,
09:30 to 18:30 (Japan Standard Time)

  • ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security System
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 17100 Translation Service
  • プライバシーマーク

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